Best Partner BLR7000 2-Speed Corded Blower, All-Purpose Handheld Blower, 7-Amp, 160/200 MPH, Red

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Best Partner BLR7000 2-Speed Corded Blower, All-Purpose Handheld Blower, 7-Amp, 160/200 MPH, Red

How to Clean a Gas Filter on a Gas Leaf Blower

Gas leaf blowers are helpful in the fall for collecting and removing large amounts of leaves and other debris from your garden or any other area. Since the gas blower blower is used according to the season, however, it is important to make sure that the machine’s maintenance is taken care of before use.

For example, the gas filter helps to filter the gas used in the leaf blower and must be cleaned in order for your machine to function properly.


  • Turn the throttle knob on the back of your blower gas sheet so that it turns halfway and then loosen the screws on the filter cover located on the side of the leaf blower.
  • Use a cloth to clean any loose dirt that appears around the filter. Pull the filter unit out and then remove the pre-filter from the unit.
  • Pre-filter in lukewarm soapy water and then place the filter on a paper towel. Allow at least one hour for the filter to dry before.
  • Remove and replace the felt filter element if it is dirty with a new felt element, which can be purchased at your local home and garden store.
  • Place the pre-filter of the new element on the filter unit and then return to the machine. Replace the filter cover and tighten the screws.

Blowers – leaf pistons

blower In autumn’s leaf blower a useful tool to make the patio, driveway and possibly blade freely throughout the garden. There are several kinds of blowers to choose from. This article discusses the differences and the advantages and disadvantages of these leaf blowers.


Many leaf blowers can be used for blowing leaves as for vacuuming leaves. Some sucking blowers are also provided with a Shredding , which do not need to be emptied to the collection bag less quickly. For blowing and sucking around fragile plants, it is to be recommended to choose for a blower which has a plurality of (power) modes.

Blower petrol

Petrol Leaf blowers are the most powerful, polluting and noisy. Especially if your garden is so big that it is not practical to use an extension cord, a leaf blower on gasoline worth considering. This type of leaf blowers is less suitable for use in a less spacious residential area.

The noise is so clear that you are in regular use as well as can be confident that the neighbors will greet you with a stoke middle. Blowers on petrol are also usually heavier than electric leaf blowers. Also requires maintenance petrol leaf blower over an electrical.

Many leaf blowers on gasoline have no suction function. Petrol Leaf blowers are not only in the ‘hand’ performance ‘also available in a’ backpack ‘version and a version on wheels. The latter blowers for professional use. Blowers gasoline are available in a two-stroke or four-stroke model.

A two-stroke engine is lighter, noisier and less efficient than a four-stroke engine. It should also be taken into account in a two-stroke engine with mixing gasoline and oil for lubrication. Furthermore occur at gas blowers starting problems.

Leaf blower with battery

Battery Blowers are small, light, least powerful and therefore especially suitable for cleaning hard surfaces such as the patio and driveway. The blowers with battery are usually not provided with a suction function. On average, a fully charged battery with it for about fifteen minutes, after which it will have to be charged for about three hours.

For prolonged use, it is therefore advisable to purchase an extra battery. A battery can of the type nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), or the type of lithium-ion (Li-ion) are. The latter type is more modern and often lighter.

Electric leaf blower

Electric blowers corded are generally more powerful than blowers with battery but not always as powerful as the blowers on gasoline. Electric leaf blowers are fairly light and low maintenance. For most people, provides an electric blower enough options to keep free of leaves the immediate vicinity of the house. There are quite noticeable differences in ability.

A leaf blower with less power, for example, a 500 Watt copy will produce less noise in most cases. The advantage of a leaf blower with power is that it is more suitable for removing leaves from the lawn and flower beds. The most powerful electric blowers can be as effective as leaf blowers on gasoline. Electric leaf blowers often have a suction function and Shredding.