Backpack Gas Blower with Tube Throttle 58.2cc 215 mph 510 CFM

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Backpack Gas Blower with Tube Throttle 58.2cc 215 mph 510 CFM

How to Repair a Gas Leaf Blower

The inevitable wear of a leaf blower can cause problems; Fortunately, many of them are easy to repair. If you keep an eye on the condition of your leaf blower and deal with the problems before they get worse, you can save a lot of time and money.


Find the problem

  • Find the cause of the problem. This may be obvious: If the cord breaks, then obviously that is your problem. But if you simply have a blower that does not start and nothing apparent to cause the problem, it’s time for a little research work.
  • Check the starter mechanism. Is spring in place? Is the rope tightly wound? If nothing comes apart, then your starter will not run properly, and you will not be able to boot the machine.
  • Inspect the spark plug. If it is old or appears blackened, or corroded, you can keep the fan starting.
  • Inspect fuel line and fuel tank. If the cap on the fuel tank, cracked or not properly sealed, or if you have a leak in the fuel tank, lack of pressure on the fuel system will cause problems. Check the fuel line as well as cracks, leaks or stopping.

Solve the problem
Repair starter assembly by removing from blower body. You can take it to a repair shop that was rebuilt for a small load (usually less already removed), or you can repair yourself by buying a new spring rope and starter, install the spring and rewind the cable. Then screw the assembly in place on the fan.

  • Replace spark plug by unscrewing old, brush away any debris and screw in a new spark plug.
  • Replace the tank or line. This is the only way to repair leaks in the tank or line. Make sure you order the right part (not any tank will fit any blower) and the correct size of the fuel line (usually one of the smallest available). If you are not sure, call a repair shop and have the model and serial number of your machine useful. With this information, you can help find the right parts.

Buy Blower: types, prices and concerns

With a blower you can quickly collect leaves in the garden so that your garden looks again cared. Want to buy a leaf blower, you can choose from different types. In this article we review the types of leaf blowers and their prices and we also give some attention when buying this handy gardening.

Buy Blower: what types of leaf blowers are there?

Want to buy a leaf blower, then you should first of all decide what type blower exactly. For example, you can choose a classic blower on gasoline, but also electric blowers or models with a battery are possible. Here are the pros and cons of these species and their prices.

1) Blower petrol

The biggest advantage of a leaf blower on gasoline is movement. Moreover, gasoline leaf blowers because of their large capacity also well suited to quickly clean large areas. Blowers on petrol or require a lot of maintenance: the motor should be lubricated regularly and the unit’s fuel tank must be filled in time. Another downside is the noise: the gasoline engine makes more noise than the versions on electricity or a battery.

2) Buy Electric Blower

Electric leaf blowers require, unlike the petrol models, hardly maintenance. They’re also a lot cheaper and less noisy than the versions that operate on gasoline. One downside to an electric blower is power: you must often use when using the device of an extension to reach all corners of the garden. This extension, moreover, makes the device less comfortable to use.

3) Battery

Will you buy a leaf blower, you can definitely consider a model with a battery. Because of their light weight blowers with a battery easy to use and they also require little maintenance. The battery is easy to charge. However, the lesser strength, and the relatively low usage time of the battery are negative aspects. This type of blower is therefore especially suitable for smaller operations. To address the problem of low usage of course you can buy an extra battery.