B-AIR Super Bear 2HP Commercial Inflatable bounce house blower Fan #BP-2

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  • 2HP 1430 CFM Airflow!
  • 12 AMPS, 9 inch static pressure
  • 25FT Power Cord, Stackable 3-up
  • Reverse Air Louvers
  • 1 Year Warranty / 5 Year Housing
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    Product Description

    B-AIR Super Bear 2HP Commercial Inflatable bounce house blower Fan #BP-2
    With the manufacturing of larger inflatables creating the need for a more powerful blower we developed and added the Super Bear Power 2 HP Model #BP-2 to the B-Air family of blowers.The already proven and preferred by leading manufactures of inflatables, the Bear Blower Model # BP-1 is the blower that started it all. As a result, based on its reputation, quality and acceptance by the inflatable industry, we took the next step up with the Super Bear Power Model # BP-2. Producing 1430 CFM with 9 inches of static pressure.The BP-2 will surely firm up virtually any type of inflatable play structure that has worn out seams from years of use.We are proud to offer the Super Bear Power Model # BP-2 as the ultimate in 2HP blowers.

    How to Clean a Gas Filter on a Gas Leaf Blower

    Gas leaf blowers are helpful in the fall for collecting and removing large amounts of leaves and other debris from your garden or any other area. Since the gas blower blower is used according to the season, however, it is important to make sure that the machine’s maintenance is taken care of before use.

    For example, the gas filter helps to filter the gas used in the leaf blower and must be cleaned in order for your machine to function properly.


    • Turn the throttle knob on the back of your blower gas sheet so that it turns halfway and then loosen the screws on the filter cover located on the side of the leaf blower.
    • Use a cloth to clean any loose dirt that appears around the filter. Pull the filter unit out and then remove the pre-filter from the unit.
    • Pre-filter in lukewarm soapy water and then place the filter on a paper towel. Allow at least one hour for the filter to dry before.
    • Remove and replace the felt filter element if it is dirty with a new felt element, which can be purchased at your local home and garden store.
    • Place the pre-filter of the new element on the filter unit and then return to the machine. Replace the filter cover and tighten the screws.

    Buy Blower: types, prices and concerns

    With a blower you can quickly collect leaves in the garden so that your garden looks again cared. Want to buy a leaf blower, you can choose from different types. In this article we review the types of leaf blowers and their prices and we also give some attention when buying this handy gardening.

    Buy Blower: what types of leaf blowers are there?

    Want to buy a leaf blower, then you should first of all decide what type blower exactly. For example, you can choose a classic blower on gasoline, but also electric blowers or models with a battery are possible. Here are the pros and cons of these species and their prices.

    1) Blower petrol

    The biggest advantage of a leaf blower on gasoline is movement. Moreover, gasoline leaf blowers because of their large capacity also well suited to quickly clean large areas. Blowers on petrol or require a lot of maintenance: the motor should be lubricated regularly and the unit’s fuel tank must be filled in time. Another downside is the noise: the gasoline engine makes more noise than the versions on electricity or a battery.

    2) Buy Electric Blower

    Electric leaf blowers require, unlike the petrol models, hardly maintenance. They’re also a lot cheaper and less noisy than the versions that operate on gasoline. One downside to an electric blower is power: you must often use when using the device of an extension to reach all corners of the garden. This extension, moreover, makes the device less comfortable to use.

    3) Battery

    Will you buy a leaf blower, you can definitely consider a model with a battery. Because of their light weight blowers with a battery easy to use and they also require little maintenance. The battery is easy to charge. However, the lesser strength, and the relatively low usage time of the battery are negative aspects. This type of blower is therefore especially suitable for smaller operations. To address the problem of low usage of course you can buy an extra battery.