Air Supply 2518120 Air Blower Max Air 2.0 hp 9 Amp, 120V

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  • Portable spa blower
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  • Idea for bathtub
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    Product Description

    Air Supply 2518120 Air Blower Max Air 2.0 hp 9 Amp, 120V
    The max air features a new high-performance Motor that runs cooler & quieter, as low as 65 db. Small & compact, the max air ideal for bathtubs. The max air’s revolutionary new Motor dramatically improves performance wile running cooler & quieter. In a typical spa you can expect up to 25% more air & 30% greater pressure than with a standard Motor. New housing design with bottom air Inlet creates a tortuous path, trapping noise inside the blower for Ultra quiet performance. Small profile with easy access mounting tabs makes installations a snap.

    How to Clean a Gas Filter on a Gas Leaf Blower

    Gas leaf blowers are helpful in the fall for collecting and removing large amounts of leaves and other debris from your garden or any other area. Since the gas blower blower is used according to the season, however, it is important to make sure that the machine’s maintenance is taken care of before use.

    For example, the gas filter helps to filter the gas used in the leaf blower and must be cleaned in order for your machine to function properly.


    • Turn the throttle knob on the back of your blower gas sheet so that it turns halfway and then loosen the screws on the filter cover located on the side of the leaf blower.
    • Use a cloth to clean any loose dirt that appears around the filter. Pull the filter unit out and then remove the pre-filter from the unit.
    • Pre-filter in lukewarm soapy water and then place the filter on a paper towel. Allow at least one hour for the filter to dry before.
    • Remove and replace the felt filter element if it is dirty with a new felt element, which can be purchased at your local home and garden store.
    • Place the pre-filter of the new element on the filter unit and then return to the machine. Replace the filter cover and tighten the screws.

    Blowers: put everything at a glance

    1. Gas vs. Electric: Choosing the Right Blower

    Speed, convenience and budget are important considerations. In the handheld category, gasoline leaf blowers are still the fastest way to remove ?? a garden full of leaves. The petrol blowers kunnnen go anywhere but here comes to weight, cost and noise, along with refueling and the necessary maintenance.

    But the best corded electric blowers are powerful enough for many big jobs.

    Cordless-electric versions can go anywhere as gasoline models. But provide less power than cord models and of course there is a limit on the duration of the battery. Compared to petrol models these are much lighter.

    Backpack blowers typically cost more than handheld blowers, but they offer more power while transferring the weight from your arms to your back and shoulders. Most handheld units weigh less than 5kg, but backpack leaf blowers, the scale can be easy to 10kg.

    Do you have lots of leaves and dwelling on high? Mobile blowers have by far the most power. They also take the most storage space, can be difficult to push and control, and the cost of the most common-though a few cost slightly more than most backpack models.

    Some handheld garden blowers suck dust through a vacuum. But their relatively small tubes limit how much can you suck at once. A few have a metal fan that keeps getting better over time, by ingesting leaves and twigs, then nylon versions.

    2. A word about noise

    Blowers can be really loud – as anyone can confirm with early rising, green neighbor. The notice lists the decibels (dBA), so you can compare them. Some communities ban leaf blowers going more and more voices to do so during certain hours and in the Netherlands and Belgium. Just read the following article in the morning.

    Protect yourself and your children

    • Wear ear protection.
    • Wear safety goggles and a dust mask.
    • Keep people and pets away from the area you will clean up.
    • Avoid even the quietest leaf blowers early or late in the day.

    3. Selecting Blower

    Selecting the right blower comes down to your site, budget, and how powerful you need the blower. The best electric handheld blowers sweeping strides and turning leaves almost as good as the best gasoline-engine models for less money. Both types have a great deal of work (and blisters) from raking fallen leaves and other garden debris and driveway.

    4. Featured Brands

    Everyone knows the brand recommended to buy a yard machine. That is no different leaf blowers. Surely there is one brand that we at convenient harry fan of his, and that’s VIKING. Less known to the public, but super quality.