225 Mph 390 CFM Electric Super Leaf Blower with Vacuum Shredder

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225 Mph 390 CFM Electric Super Leaf Blower with Vacuum Shredder

How to Repair a Gas Leaf Blower

The inevitable wear of a leaf blower can cause problems; Fortunately, many of them are easy to repair. If you keep an eye on the condition of your leaf blower and deal with the problems before they get worse, you can save a lot of time and money.


Find the problem

  • Find the cause of the problem. This may be obvious: If the cord breaks, then obviously that is your problem. But if you simply have a blower that does not start and nothing apparent to cause the problem, it’s time for a little research work.
  • Check the starter mechanism. Is spring in place? Is the rope tightly wound? If nothing comes apart, then your starter will not run properly, and you will not be able to boot the machine.
  • Inspect the spark plug. If it is old or appears blackened, or corroded, you can keep the fan starting.
  • Inspect fuel line and fuel tank. If the cap on the fuel tank, cracked or not properly sealed, or if you have a leak in the fuel tank, lack of pressure on the fuel system will cause problems. Check the fuel line as well as cracks, leaks or stopping.

Solve the problem
Repair starter assembly by removing from blower body. You can take it to a repair shop that was rebuilt for a small load (usually less already removed), or you can repair yourself by buying a new spring rope and starter, install the spring and rewind the cable. Then screw the assembly in place on the fan.

  • Replace spark plug by unscrewing old, brush away any debris and screw in a new spark plug.
  • Replace the tank or line. This is the only way to repair leaks in the tank or line. Make sure you order the right part (not any tank will fit any blower) and the correct size of the fuel line (usually one of the smallest available). If you are not sure, call a repair shop and have the model and serial number of your machine useful. With this information, you can help find the right parts.

Blowers: put everything at a glance

1. Gas vs. Electric: Choosing the Right Blower

Speed, convenience and budget are important considerations. In the handheld category, gasoline leaf blowers are still the fastest way to remove ?? a garden full of leaves. The petrol blowers kunnnen go anywhere but here comes to weight, cost and noise, along with refueling and the necessary maintenance.

But the best corded electric blowers are powerful enough for many big jobs.

Cordless-electric versions can go anywhere as gasoline models. But provide less power than cord models and of course there is a limit on the duration of the battery. Compared to petrol models these are much lighter.

Backpack blowers typically cost more than handheld blowers, but they offer more power while transferring the weight from your arms to your back and shoulders. Most handheld units weigh less than 5kg, but backpack leaf blowers, the scale can be easy to 10kg.

Do you have lots of leaves and dwelling on high? Mobile blowers have by far the most power. They also take the most storage space, can be difficult to push and control, and the cost of the most common-though a few cost slightly more than most backpack models.

Some handheld garden blowers suck dust through a vacuum. But their relatively small tubes limit how much can you suck at once. A few have a metal fan that keeps getting better over time, by ingesting leaves and twigs, then nylon versions.

2. A word about noise

Blowers can be really loud – as anyone can confirm with early rising, green neighbor. The notice lists the decibels (dBA), so you can compare them. Some communities ban leaf blowers going more and more voices to do so during certain hours and in the Netherlands and Belgium. Just read the following article in the morning.

Protect yourself and your children

  • Wear ear protection.
  • Wear safety goggles and a dust mask.
  • Keep people and pets away from the area you will clean up.
  • Avoid even the quietest leaf blowers early or late in the day.

3. Selecting Blower

Selecting the right blower comes down to your site, budget, and how powerful you need the blower. The best electric handheld blowers sweeping strides and turning leaves almost as good as the best gasoline-engine models for less money. Both types have a great deal of work (and blisters) from raking fallen leaves and other garden debris and driveway.

4. Featured Brands

Everyone knows the brand recommended to buy a yard machine. That is no different leaf blowers. Surely there is one brand that we at convenient harry fan of his, and that’s VIKING. Less known to the public, but super quality.