Landscaping and Gardening

Landscaping and Gardening – 7 Tips to Get Well

Landscaping and Gardening – 7 Tips to Get Well

The landscaping and gardening sector is growing more and more in Brazil, being a very profitable business option.

Landscaping and Gardening

The industry landscape is heated by the development of demand gardens , sale of seedlings and ornamentation in general. The nursery business is a business with risks, but in compensation the more you produce, the more you sell and thus the more profitable the business is.

However, the venture requires investments and costs. Therefore, the production forecast must accompany the sales forecast so that the entrepreneur does not suffer loss.

Market Research for Landscaping and Gardening

The landscaping is a branch like any other, or only give good results if there is planning, control and organization.

So, first of all, you need to research the branch, the ideal location and the competition.

On the market for ornamental plants, it is known that nurseries of plants, flowers and tree seedlings move about one billion reais each year, which gives an annual growth of 5%, but not all nurseries are formalized And formalized entrepreneurs end up competing with informal nurseries. These nurseries usually work near the home of the owners and still have no record.

We recommend that gardening and landscaping business owners register as the chances of marketing products with more and better merchants increase.

The market for landscaping and gardening has great prospects, because ornamental plants are part of real estate valuation, so the market gardening is heated by the real estate market . Another reason is that the culture of valuing homes is increasing with the use of plants and gardening services.

Another possibility is landscaping and gardening in urban centers to compose the architecture of the city in a more aesthetic way.

How To Get Into The Landscaping And Gardening Business

For those who intend to undertake in the field of gardening and landscaping it is important to keep informed about the branch, about the products and about plant cultivation.

Landscaping and gardening is a branch that requires technical skills and learning. This branch is not for the laity, because it is necessary to understand or have at least notions of cultivation, of how to produce plants and other knowledge. Therefore, it is recommended that those interested take courses in the area.

Knowledge is the key to the success of any branch, as well as information, and as a consequence, not to err in the moment of producing, buying inputs and marketing.

Landscaping and Gardening

With which products to work

Deciding on what to grow is crucial to the success of the landscaping business , that is, the market for plant sellers has a demand and for those who sell tree seedlings there is another demand and another market characteristic. Deciding what to produce is therefore a market perspective.

Analyzing the supply, the demand and the cost of producing it is necessary before choosing what to plant, because there is no point in growing plants that have no outlet in the market.

Or the entrepreneur can work from the need for seedlings of plants that are closer to the consumer and thus plan cultivation and sales.

For those who sell gardening and landscaping

The “who to sell” decision is as important as the “what to sell” decision. Therefore, the consumer market can be found in the neighborhood itself or in other states and even other countries.

Whoever produces plants, seedlings and flowers should be prepared to at any time internationalize their products.

The ideal is that before the nursery opens, the entrepreneur already has some clients and thus the cultivation will be directed to the market demand.

To learn more about the demand for plants, it is necessary to consult experts as local landscapers who already have experience in the field and who know the demand.

Landscaping and Gardening

Types of plants

Before choosing the plants with which the entrepreneur will work, it is necessary that the same know the plants, according to the crop rotation and thus selects those that have quick turn and soon they are sown and sold.

There are other plants where crop rotation is slower, which does not mean they can not be profitable: they may also have demand and be sold at a higher price.

Choosing which plants to produce is the time to dedicate and produce quality plants that are more beautiful and that last longer. For this, it is necessary to work with quality inputs, with good seeds and fertilized soil – which can be with earthworms . Also, it will depend on quality cultivation, a crop that is free from pests, insects and diseases.

How much to invest in the business

To start growing plants and seedlings, it is necessary to plan an investment in seeds, soil, cuttings, packaging, gardening utensils and other inputs. And still investing in working capital for the payment of fixed expenses and expenses with the production.

The biggest investment the producer will have will be with the production area: beginners begin to produce in an area up to 5mil m?.

Investments vary according to the mode of cultivation. Cultivation forms vary from the simplest to the computerized cultivation. In general, the crops can be in the open field, in screens of shading or even in greenhouses that are computerized.

The initial investment, considering that there is land and that the production has an owner and an employee, is around R $ 25 thousand.

Those entrepreneurs who do not have available resources will be able to look for public banks for loans, such as BNDES – National Bank for Economic and Social Development. He is responsible for financing projects with credits up to R $ 50 thousand.

The loans granted are for the implantation or the improvement of the production and with that, the payment period is up to 5 years, with interest of 8.75% per year.

Landscaping and Gardening

Profit for gardening and landscaping

Currently, the market is inflated with so many producers and the excess supply has caused prices of seedlings to fall, which does not make the sector profitability impossible.

Return on investment is rapid compared to other sectors, averaging six months.

However, it is clear that fixed investment, such as the purchase of land, takes longer to have a return and the profitability of the business will be a consequence of managerial capacity, increase of clients, quality of products, advertising and improvements in production processes and Investments.

The new entrepreneurs of the branch can integrate the productive, sales and supply associations.

The important thing is to work with professionalism and dedication to produce more and better and constant learning.

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